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this comic better go far i swear
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. love is like a sin, my love


❛❛ For the ones that feels it the most
Look at her with her eyes like a flame
She will love you like a fly will never love you, again. ❜❜




[ MALE | 300s 44 | PANSEXUAL | 6'3" | SCOTTISH ]
[ Sorcerer || 'Jack The Ripper' || Split persona || MURDERER || CERTIFIED CRIMINAL || Chaotic Evil ]
( mentally unstable | friendly | psychopath | two-faced | erratic | fatherly | charming | suave | OBSESSIVE )

Raising the dead shouldn't be a hard feat for such a person, especially with his caliber and level of power - he is even capable to rise dead people and allow them to resume their lives like normal. Often times you would hear of the urban legend of Jack the Ripper surrounding this particular sorcerer of the dark arts, which is not far off from the truth. Known to have existed since the periods of the Georgian Era, possibly in the late periods of the Restoration in Glasgow, Scotland; Jackson Roscoe is a shame to the family name, considered as the omen of bad luck when he was born. Generally mild mannered and prefers to be recluse, something snapped in his head when he was constantly pushed to his edge, causing a new person to be born in his mind and occasionally takes control if necessary as a method of self defense - commonly known in this day and era as a case of dissociative identity disorder. This person fondly introduces himself as J̼a̜̩̫̳̲̮̝c̦̥̟͖͠k͡y̥͉̪̗̤.

A connoisseur of the oddities and the eccentric, Jacky runs a shady business of making contracts with people to fulfill their deepest and darkest desires, charging them according to what he wanted, possibly fancy. Notorious to be the Leather Apron, humans have every reason to be wary of him, especially given his pyschopathic nature. Presented as a charming and sharp gentleman by appearance, his presence lures you in to get to know him and be his friend - a reason why he has a lot of contacts that he could access. Underneath this facade, of course, is the insane, happy and lackadaisical murderer that was responsible for the deaths of a number of prostitutes from Whitechapel.

Of course, he's not all about charisma. As his real self however, Jackson prefers to mind his own business, trying to fit in with society as well as making himself a contribution. He would never be able to de-kill the numbers of people he had murdered, but hey - at least he tried. Currently struggling with his own inner self, you'd be damned if you see both of them arguing at once, as they may be the same person, but a whole different personality altogether.


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